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Noordzee Vliegclub (North Sea Flying Club) is happy to welcome all pilots, local and foreign, at our airport, as well as in our modern clubhouse with a big terras and a splendid view on the runway!

This page contains :

1. Visit Ostend
2. Fly to Ostend, information for pilots
3. How to move between the airport and the Ostend city centre
4. Staying overnight in Ostend 
5. Interesting websites

1. Do come visit Ostend

Oostende realy is a must for a citytrip or a longer stay and has quite a few things to offer :

- Sun, sea, sand and a wide variety of activities on the broad seawall
- A vast choice of restaurants, both cheaper and more exquisite
- The inner city is one big shopping centre
- Good connections to surrounding cities, such as Brugge (Bruges) or Gent

On top of that, Oostende also has plenty of places of interest like :

    As every fortified city, Ostend had its own fortress. It was build in 1811 by the order of Napoleon, because an overseas attack from England was feared for. Besides, the pentagonal fortress served as a arms depot and a residence for soldiers. Nowadays, it is a museum with a very good cultural en educational collection, where one finds a lot of information and things worth knowing about the past of Ostend, its shoreline and the hinterland. More info at

  2. NOORDZEE AQUARIUM (North Sea Aquarium)
    A sea aquarium with over sixty different water animals is located at the Visserskaai (Fishermen’s Quai). The animals are spread over different aquaria, allowing you to see them very well. They are supplied by local fishermen. The building itself used to be the schrimps market. Since 1977 it houses the Noordzeeaquarium.

    More info at

    This brigantine sailing ship attracts every year thousands and thousand of visitors. This magnifcent old museum ship, dating 1932, was once a training ship for the merchant marine. With her 15 sails, she could gain a speed of 13 knots on days with the right weather. The ship had diverse destinations, such as Easter Island, Congo and Lissabon.
    More info at

    During the Second Worldwar, this defense line was contructed to protect the country against naval attacks. The strategic areas were primarely the habours. In Ostend, parts of this construction are still there and can be visited. The site has become an open air museum. The military defense infrastructure and the accomodations for the soldiers are clearly to see. The underground trenches and bunkers have been carefully reconstructed and they bring you back in time in a flash.
    More info at

  5. Mu.ZEE
    At the Romestaat in Ostend you will find an extraordinary art museum. Using good partnerships, the museum tries to address a public as broad as possible. This is done by presenting in a creative way a wide variety of (temporarily) collections and educational functions. The emphasis in this museum lies on young Flemish artists.
    More info at

  6. JAMES ENSORGALERIJ (James Ensor Gallery)
    Between the Christinastraat and the Vlaanderenstraat there is a cosy, covered shopping mall, called the James Ensor Gallery. The attractive little facades in Renaissance style give this gallery a chic appearance. Here you find a very nice blend of shops.Nearby, more shopping locations are present, for example in the Feest- en Kultuurpaleis (Festival and Culture Palace) at the Kapellestraat, around the Wapenplein and the Lijnbaanstraat.
    More info at

  7. VISTRAP (Fish Stairs)
    Daily, on this modest little open air fish market, the catch of the day is sold. Especially early in the morning the offer is very fresh and divers. For many years already, this is the place to buy fish and shellfish in Ostend. In earlier days, the fish were primarely sold by the fishermens wifes. The popularity, here, of the Ostend schrimps is phenomenal. In the direct surroundings a lot of fish restaurants can be found, each with its own speciality.
    More info at

    This extraordinary building, containing quite a lot of windows, lies at a very prominent spot on the sea wall. Already since the beginning of the nineteenth century, this place was visited for entertainement purposes. It had a concert hall and a ballroom. During the Second Worldwar, the Kursaal was destroyed. After the war, the present building was erected under the lead of the architect Léon Stynen. It contains, nowadays, besides restaurants, bars and a concert hall, also a casino.
    More info at

    Since 2014, the former educational centre Earth Explorer has become Explorado Family Adventure Science Park Ostend. Here you kan join a discovery tour, seeking explanations for diverse natural phenomena. What is the genesis of a tornado ? How can devestating tsunami’s be explained ? Attractions such as the Apollo 3000 Simulator add some tenseness to a “learn & fun” day at Explorado !
    More info at

2. Flying to Ostend, information for pilots

    You can find a pilot briefing here.

    3. How to commute between the airport and the city centre of Ostend

    Taxi companies

    Ostend Taxi
    Tel 0800 25 500
    Tel outside Belgium 0032 800 25 500

    Taxi Oto 
    Tel 059 32 08 08
    Tel outside Belgium 0032 59 32 08 08

    Public Transport

    The public transport company is called DE LIJN (The line). Its busses halt at the airport terminal and bring you to the city centre in only a few minutes. You can use this routeplanner to find out times and busstops. Due to the current language legislation in Belgium, this site is only available in Dutch.

    4. Staying overnight in Ostend

    Hotel Princess***
    Boekareststraat 7, 8400 Oostende
    From €55 per night
    Tel: 059 70 68 88
    Tel outside Belgium: 0032 59 70 68 88

    Hotel Royal Astrid***
    Wellingtonstraat 15, 8400 Oostende
    From €56 per night
    Tel: 059 33 96 96
    Tel outside Belgium: 0032 59 33 96 96

    Hotel Bero****
    Hofstraat 1a, 8400 Oostende
    Tel: 059 70 23 35
    Tel outside Belgium: 0032 59 70 23 35

    5. Interesting websites



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